My Jeep had no problems when I parked it 4 days ago. I get into the Jeep to start it, first thing I notice is the brake pedal is very hard to push in, so I start it up and the brake pedal works as normal, the next problem I encounter, I am unable to take it out of first gear, I finally get it out, no noises or grinding involved, I can't put it back into any gear, once again no noises or grinding upon trying to do this. What should I be looking at for the problem?

The Fix:

Look to make sure your Hydraulic fluid level is full for the clutch. It is located near the brake master cylinder(see owners manual) . If it is low, fill it and pump the clutch pedal a few times and see if that takes care of it. If it doesn't then I would be looking at replacing the slave cylinder and master slave cylinder for the clutch. If it is completely empty and you fill it and pump it a few times, and its back to empty. Yes, you guessed it, look for a leak.

Jeep Clutch Master Cylinder