Fill this out and file it at the County Court House: Notice of Intension to File a Mechanic's Lien Form

A mechanic's lien is a filing, typically allowed by state statute, that secures a contractors or subcontractors (laborers, mechanics, artisan, etc.) claim against a property that they have repaired, constructed upon or improved. The lien remains in effect until such time as the contractor is paid in full for their services.

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Question: How do you file a mechanic's lien?


You typically go to the court having jurisdiction over the property, fill out the form for "mechanic's lien", including the value and location of the property you have not been paid for, maybe have it notarized, and file it with a small fee. In some cases you may be required to certify that you have already asked for payment and that fifteen days have elapsed since that demand, or the like.


A Mechanics' Lien is an effective remedy for contractors, subcontractors, and others involved in the construction or improvement of real estate to resolve payment problems. If a service or materials provider records a Mechanics' Lien against the real estate being improved, the owner can not easily sell or refinance the property without first paying off the debt secured by the lien. A Mechanics' Lien motivates the owner to make sure the contractors get paid, and is a prerequisite to filing a foreclosure action on the property.

Mechanic's Lien Form