When a car problem occurs, a vast inspection may need to take place. Here are some of the major things that should be inspected as soon as possible. This will help determine the exact problem.


  • A comprehensive vehicle inspection should include:

    1. Cooling system components, including pressure test
    2. Battery and electrical system, including alternator output
    3. General engine performance
    4. Fuel system, including computer controls
    5. All fluids
    6. Ignition system, including computer controls
    7. Tires, including spare
    8. Steering and suspension system, including shocks and struts (CV boots where applicable)
    9. Wheel balance and alignment, four wheel balance on front wheel drive vehicles
    10. Braking system, including drums, rotors, hydraulics and electronic components
    11. Emission control system components
    12. Air conditioner/heater/defroster
    13. Instruments and gauges
    14. Lights/horn/mirrors
    15. Windshield wipers and washers
    16. Seat belts
    17. Body evaluation/interior/exterior
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