Trouble CodesHyundai Trouble Codes

Full list of OBD II Diagnostic Trouble Codes for your Hyundai. If your Check engine light is on you may have a serious problem. Scan your codes and follow the chart to determine what the code means. Some shops will scan your codes for free. Autozone is one place that will give you the code number.

Use the code information to help guide you in the right direction. If you need personal assistance you can ask a question 24/7 from a PAID third party site by clicking the Ask Now button in the upper right corner or you can ask for FREE HERE and our experts will help you with your Hyundai problems.

Hyundai Specific Check Engine Light Codes

P1100 Map Sensor - Malfunction
P1101 Map Sensor - Abnormal
P1102 Map Sensor - Low Input
P1103 Map Sensor - High Input
P1104 Air Flow
P1105 Air Flow - Abnormal
P1106 Air Flow - Low Input
P1107 Air Flow - High Input
P1108 Fuel Pump
P1109 Fuel Pump - Abnormal
P1110 Fuel Pump - Stuck On
P1110 ETS System - Malfunction
P1111 Fuel Pump - Electrical
P1112 Manifold Differential Pressure Sensor
P1112 VGT Actuator - Malfunction
P1113 Manifold Differential Pressure Sensor - Abnormal
P1114 Manifold Differential Pressure Sensor - Low
P1115 Coolant Temperature Input - Abnormal
P1116 Boost Pressure Sensor - Malfunction
P1118 ETS Motor - Malfunction
P1119 Inlet Metering Valve Control
P1120 Electric Governor - Malfunction
P1120 Inlet Metering Valve Malfunction
P1121 APS PWM Output Circuit Malfunction
P1121 Throttle Position Input - Abnormal
P1122 Boost Pressure Control Valve
P1123 Fuel System Rich - Idle
P1123 Timer Position Sensor - Malfunction
P1124 Fuel System Lean - Idle
P1125 Fuel Press Sensor1
P1126 Fuel Press Sensor2
P1127 Fuel System Rich - Part Load
P1127 Control Sleeve Position Sensor
P1128 Fuel System Lean - Part Load
P1130 Start Solenoid- Malfunction
P1131 Injection Quantity Adjust
P1134 O2s Transition Time(B1/S1)
P1135 Injection Timing Servo
P1140 Inlet Air Temperature Sensor Malfunction
P1141 Slow Duty Solenoid- Malfunction
P1145 Main Duty Solenoid- Malfunction
P1146 Idle Co Potentiometer
P1147 Accelerator Position Sensor (ETS) Circuit
P1150 Barometric Pressure Sensor Malfunction
P1151 Accelerator Position Sensor (EMS) Circuit
P1152 Accelerator Position Circuit-Low Input
P1153 Accelerator Position Circuit-High Input
P1154 O2s Transition Time(B2/S1)
P1155 Limp Home Valve- Malfunction
P1159 Variable Induction System
P1162 High Pressure Pump & Fuel Line
P1166 O2s (B1) Control Adaptation
P1166 Limit O2s Lambda Control (B1)
P1167 O2s (B2) Control Adaptation
P1167 Limit O2s Lambda Control (B2)
P1168 O2s (B1/S2) Heater Power
P1169 O2s (B2/S2) Heater Power
P1170 ECM (Barometric Pressure Sensor)
P1171 ETS Valve Stuck - Open
P1172 ETS Improper Motor Current
P1173 ETS Target Following Malfunction
P1174 ETS Valve Stuck - Close #1
P1175 ETS Valve Stuck - Close #2
P1176 ETS Motor Open/Short #1
P1177 ETS Motor Open/Short #2
P1178 ETS Motor Power - Open
P1179 ETS Position F/B-Mismatch
P1180 O2 S1 Heater Circuit- Malfunction
P1180 Fuel Pressure Regulator - Malfunction
P1181 Fuel Pressure Monitoring
P1182 O2 S2 Heater Circuit - Malfunction
P1182 Fuel Pressure Regulator - Short
P1183 Fuel Pressure Regulator - Open
P1184 O2s No Activity (B1/S2)
P1184 Fuel Pressure Regulator - Power
P1185 Fuel Position - Excessive
P1186 Fuel Pressure - Too Low
P1187 Regulator Valve - Stuck
P1188 Fuel Pressure - Leakage
P1189 Governor Deviation
P1190 Intake Throttle Actuator
P1191 ETS Limp Home Valve On
P1192 Limp home - Target Follow Malfunction
P1193 ETS Limp Home - Low Rpm
P1194 Limp Home - TPS2 Position Malfunction
P1195 Limp Home - Target Follow Delay
P1196 ETS Limp Home - Close Stuck
P1300 Spark Timing Adjust Signal
P1300 Injector Specific Data Fault
P1300 Synchronization Error-CKP/CMP
P1301 TDC Sensor - Abnormal
P1302 TDC Sensor - Low Input
P1303 TDC Sensor - High Input
P1304 Phase Sensor
P1305 Phase Sensor - Abnormal
P1306 Phase Sensor - Low Input
P1307 Phase Sensor - High Input
P1307 Accelerator Sensor - Range/Performance
P1308 Ignition Coil.1
P1308 Accelerator Sensor - Low
P1308 Accelerator Sensor Circuit - Low
P1309 Ignition Coil.1 - Abnormal
P1309 Accelerator Sensor - High
P1309 Accelerator Sensor Circuit - High
P1310 Ignition Coil.1 - Low Output
P1310 Injection Control Circuit Fault
P1311 Ignition Coil.1 - High Output
P1312 Ignition Coil.2
P1313 Ignition Coil.2 - Abnormal
P1314 Ignition Coil.2 - Low Output
P1315 Ignition Coil.2 - High Output
P1316 Ignition Coil.3
P1317 Ignition Coil.3 - Abnormal
P1318 Ignition Coil.3 - Low Output
P1319 Ignition Coil.3 - High Output
P1320 Ignition Coil.4
P1321 Ignition Coil.4 - Abnormal
P1321 Glow Indicator Lamp - Short
P1322 Ignition Coil.4 - Low Output
P1322 Glow Indicator Lamp - Open
P1323 Ignition Coil.4 - High Output
P1324 Glow Relay - Malfunction
P1325 Glow Relay - Abnormal
P1325 Glow Relay
P1326 Glow Relay - Stuck On
P1326 Glow Relay - Short
P1327 Glow Relay - Electrical
P1327 Glow Relay - Open
P1330 Spark Timing Adjust Signal
P1331 #1 MF Signal Line Short
P1332 #2 MF Signal Line Short
P1333 #3 MF Signal Line Short
P1334 #4 MF Signal Line Short
P1335 #5 MF Signal Line Short
P1336 #6 MF Signal Line Short
P1337 #7 MF Signal Line Short
P1338 #8 MF Signal Line Short
P1340 IFS 2 Open
P1341 #1 Ion Line Open
P1342 #2 Ion Line Open
P1343 #3 Ion Line Open
P1344 #4 Ion Line Open
P1345 #5 Ion Line Open
P1346 #6 Ion Line Open
P1347 #7 Ion Line Open
P1348 #8 Ion Line Open
P1351 #1 MF Signal Line Open
P1352 #2 MF Signal Line Open
P1353 #3 MF Signal Line Open
P1354 #4 MF Signal Line Open
P1355 #5 MF Signal Line Open
P1356 #6 MF Signal Line Open
P1357 #7 MF Signal Line Open
P1358 #8 MF Signal Line Open
P1372 Segment Time Incorrect
P1400 Manifold Differential Pressure Sensor
P1401 DMTL Performance
P1402 DMTL Motor Circuit
P1403 DMTL Valve Circuit
P1404 DMTL Heater Circuit
P1405 EGR Temperature Incorrect
P1415 2nd Air Injection Insufficient (B1)
P1416 Secondary Air Injection
P1418 2nd Air Injection Insufficient (B2)
P1419 2nd Air Injection Valve
P1440 EVAP System-Vent Circuit
P1440 Canister Valve Open/Short
P1443 EVAP System - Tank Cap Missing
P1458 A/C Switch Malfunction
P1500 A/Con Switch
P1500 Vehicle Speed Signal Malfunction
P1500 Vehicle Speed Input - Abnormal
P1501 Brake Switch
P1502 Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction
P1503 Accelerator Switch
P1503 Auto Cruise Control Switch
P1504 Inhibitor Switch
P1504 Auto Cruise Cancel
P1505 Kick-Down Servo Switch
P1505 Idle Speed Actuator (Open) - Open
P1506 MPS
P1506 Idle Speed Actuator (Open) - Short
P1507 MPS - Abnormal
P1507 Idle Speed Actuator (Close) - Open
P1508 MPS - Low
P1508 Idle Speed Actuator (Close) - Short
P1509 MPS - High
P1510 Idle Speed Actuator (Open) - Short
P1510 ISC Circuit Open/Short
P1511 ISC Open/Short Coil2
P1511 ISC Circuit Open/Short
P1512 WTS - Low
P1513 Idle Speed Actuator (Open) - Open
P1514 Oil Temperature Sensor
P1515 Oil Temperature Sensor - Abnormal
P1515 ISA Coil1 Command Sig. Malfunction
P1516 Oil Temperature Sensor - Low
P1516 ISA Coil2 Command Sig. Malfunction
P1517 Oil Temperature Sensor - High
P1520 Generator Front Terminal Malfunction
P1521 Power Steering Switch Circuit
P1522 Battery
P1522 Sensor Supply 1 Volt - Low
P1523 Sensor Supply 1 Volt - High
P1524 Sensor Supply 2 Volt - Low
P1525 5v Source Voltage
P1525 Sensor Supply 2 Volt - High
P1526 Sensor Supply Voltage1 - Malfunction
P1527 Sensor Supply Voltage2 - Malfunction
P1529 TCM Mil On Request Signal
P1529 Check TCM
P1530 Maximum Vehicle Speed Limiting
P1543 Brake Switch Signal Fault
P1545 A/C Comp. Switch Open/Short
P1552 Idle Speed Act.(Close) - Short
P1553 Idle Speed Act.(Close) - Open
P1555 Idle Co-Potentiometer Open/Short
P1567 Fuel Pressure Valve Current - Low
P1568 Fuel Pressure Valve Current - Hi
P1569 Current-Pressure Control Valve
P1569 Press Control Valve - Current
P1586 MT/AT Encoding Sig. Error
P1600 Serial Communication - Malfunction (With4A/T)
P1601 ECM ‘L’ Line
P1602 ECU-TCU Communication Line #1 Malfunction
P1603 ECU-TCU Communication Line #2 Malfunction
P1603 ECM-TCSCM Communication Line
P1603 TCU Error
P1603 CAN Communication Bus Off
P1604 TPS Communication Malfunction
P1604 No ID From ECU
P1605 Rough Road Sensor Malfunction
P1605 Acceleration Sensor - Malfunction
P1606 Rough Road Sensor Not Ration
P1606 Acceleration Sensor - Abnormal
P1607 Vacuum Sol. Valve Stuck On
P1607 ECM-ETS Communication Line - Malfunction
P1607 ECM-ETS Communication Line - Malfunction
P1608 Vacuum Solenoid Valve Electrical
P1608 ECU Fault
P1608 ETS-ECM Communication Line - Malfunction
P1609 Immobilizer Communication - Malfunction
P1610 Immobilizer - Smartra Error
P1610 Sensor Reference Voltage Fault
P1611 Mil Request Signal Low
P1611 Immobilizer - Transponder Malfunction
P1612 Ventilation Solenoid Valve Elec.
P1612 Immobilizer - Smartra Malfunction
P1613 ECM-Failure
P1613 Immobilizer Communication Error
P1613 Mil Request Line - High
P1613 ECM-Malfunction
P1613 ECM (Voltage Regulator) - Malfunction
P1614 Mil Request Signal High
P1614 ECU Software Fault
P1614 ETS ECU - Malfunction
P1614 ETS ECU - Malfunction
P1615 ETS - ECM Malfunction
P1616 Main Relay Malfunction
P1619 Main Relay
P1620 A/C Relay Malfunction
P1620 A/C Comp. Relay - Short
P1621 Fuel Cut Valve - Malfunction
P1621 A/C Comp. Relay - Open
P1622 A/C Control Circuit Failure
P1622 A/C Relay - Malfunction
P1622 A/C Comp. Relay - Malfunction
P1623 Mil Open/Short
P1623 Engine Check Lamp - Malfunction
P1623 Radiator Cooling Fan - Malfunction
P1624 Mil-On Request From TCM
P1624 Cooling Fan Relay (Low) Cir
P1624 Radiator Cooling Fan - Malfunction
P1624 Cooling Fan Relay - Low
P1625 A/C Condenser Fan - Malfunction
P1625 Cooling Fan Relay (High) Circuit
P1625 Cooling Fan Relay - High
P1626 Immobilizer Indicator Malfunction
P1627 A/C Condenser Fan
P1628 Condenser Fan Circuit - Low
P1629 Glow Indicator Lamp - Malfunction
P1629 Condenser Fan Circuit - High
P1630 CAN-Bus-Off
P1630 Intercooler Fan - Malfunction
P1631 Serial Communication Error - Password
P1631 CAN-Time Out ECU
P1632 TCS System Malfunction
P1632 CAN Bus Off
P1633 Immobilizer Status Lamp
P1634 Cruise Control Lamp - Malfunction
P1634 Auxiliary Heat Relay - Short/Open
P1635 Water Heater Relay - Malfunction
P1636 Voltage Regulator For Inject.
P1638 ECM (Microcontroller) - Malfunction
P1639 ECM (Monitoring ADC) - Malfunction
P1640 VI Motor Open/Short Coil1
P1640 Main Relay Malfunction
P1641 VI Motor Open/Short Coil2
P1642 Non Immobilizer ECU Equipped
P1645 Booster Voltage - Operate Injector
P1646 Booster Voltage - Too High
P1647 Threshold 1 Voltage - Malfunction
P1647 Booster Voltage -Too Low
P1652 Ignition Switch - Malfunction
P1653 After-Run Check Error
P1660 Cruise Control Switch - Malfunction
P1665 Power Stage Group A Malfunction.
P1670 Power Stage Group B Malfunction
P1670 Injector Classification
P1672 Fan Relay Malfunction - Low Speed
P1673 Fan Relay Malfunction - High Speed
P1674 A/C Fan Relay Malfunction
P1690 Immobilizer Smartra Error
P1690 W/Heater Relay Fault
P1691 Immobilizer Antenna Error
P1692 Immobilizer - Indicator Lamp Error
P1693 Mil Request Line - Malfunction
P1693 Immobilizer Transponder
P1694 Immobilizer ECU Signal Error
P1695 Immobilizer EEPROM Error
P1696 Immobilizer - Key Mismatched
P1697 Invalid Tester Request
P1698 Key ID. Not Valid
P1700 A/T Gear Shift Malfunction
P1701 TPS
P1702 TPS - Abnormal
P1702 TPS - Malfunction Adjustment
P1702 TPS - Malfunction Adjustment
P1703 TPS - Low Input
P1703 TPS - Open/Short (Ground)
P1703 TPS - Open/Short (Ground)
P1704 TPS - High Input
P1704 TPS - Short
P1704 TPS - Short
P1706 Inhibitor Switch
P1707 Brake Switch
P1707 Auto Cruise Brake Switch
P1708 Accelerator Switch
P1709 Kick-Down Servo Switch
P1709 K/D Servo Switch - Open/Short
P1710 Oil Temperature Sensor
P1711 Oil Temperature Sensor Abnormal
P1712 Oil Temperature Sensor Low Input
P1713 Oil Temperature Sensor High Input
P1714 Idle Switch
P1715 A/C on Switch
P1716 Steering Sensor
P1717 Steering Sensor Abnormal
P1717 Steer 1 Input Signal
P1718 Steering Sensor Low Input
P1718 Steer 2 Input Signal
P1719 Steering Sensor High Input
P1719 Steer N Input Signal
P1721 Control Relay
P1722 Control Relay - Abnormal
P1723 Control Relay - Stuck On
P1723 A/T Relay - Open/Short (Ground)
P1723 A/T Relay - Open/Short (Ground)
P1724 Control Relay - Electrical
P1725 TOD Control Module Error
P1726 TPS Input - Loss Of Signal
P1727 TPS Input - Out Of Range
P1728 EMC-Open/Short To Battery
P1729 EMC-Short To Ground
P1730 Front Speed Sensor - Low Input
P1731 Front Speed Sensor - High
P1732 Rear Speed Sensor - Low Input
P1733 Rear Speed Sensor - High Input
P1734 Speed Sensor Reference - Low
P1735 Speed Sensor Reference - High
P1736 Shift Motor - Open
P1737 ECV Stick
P1737 Shift Motor - Short To Ground
P1738 Shift System Time Out
P1739 General Position Encoder Fault
P1740 Position1 - Short To Ground
P1741 Position2 - Short To Ground
P1742 Position3 - Short To Ground
P1743 Position4 - Short To Ground
P1744 Lock Up Clutch System
P1744 Anomalous Vibration Occurrence
P1745 TCM ‘K’ Line
P1746 TCM ‘L’ Line
P1747 TCU-ECU Communication Line #1 Malfunction
P1748 TCU-ECU Communication Line2 Malfunction
P1749 Serial Communication Link
P1749 Serial Communication Link-Open/Short
P1749 Serial Communication Link-Open/Short
P1750 TPS Communication Malfunction
P1750 Front Left Speed Sensor
P1751 Not Defined DTC
P1751 Front Right Speed Sensor
P1752 Lamp ‘P’
P1752 Rear Left Speed Sensor
P1753 Lamp ‘R’
P1753 Rear Right Speed Sensor
P1754 Lamp ‘N’
P1755 Lamp ‘D’
P1756 Lamp ‘3’
P1757 Lamp ‘2’
P1758 Lamp ‘L’
P1759 Control Module - Check Sum
P1760 Control Module - Programming
P1761 Control Module - KAM
P1762 Control Module - RAM
P1763 Control Module - ROM
P1764 Can Controller - Malfunction
P1764 ECU-ITM CAN Communication Line
P1765 Torque Reduction Request
P1765 Torque Reduction Request
P1765 TCS-ITM CAN Communication Line
P1766 Torque Reduction Execution
P1766 Torque Reduction Execution
P1771 Shifting Position
P1772 Selection Position
P1773 Gearbox Input Speed Sensor
P1774 CRC Sensor
P1775 TCM-Malfunction
P1776 Power Control Module- Malfunction
P1777 PCM Output - Malfunction
P1778 Electro Valve Output - Malfunction
P1779 Stator Inhibit Relay - Malfunction
P1780 Push-Pull Sensor
P1780 Torque Reduction Required Signal
P1781 Actuator
P1782 Actuator Position Sensor
P1786 Engine Rpm Output Circuit Malfunction
P1791 TPS Input Circuit - Malfunction
P1795 Ground Return Circuit - Malfunction
P1795 Transfer High/Low Switch - Malfunction
P1800 Immobilizer Antenna Error
P1801 Immobilizer Transponder Error
P1802 Immobilizer Antenna Error
P1803 Immobilizer ECU Signal Error
P1805 Immobilizer EEPROM Error
P1805 EEPROM Error/VIN Mismatch
P2096 Post Fuel Trim Too Lean-B1
P2097 Post Fuel Trim Too Rich-B1
P2120 Accelerator Position Circuit - Malfunction
P2122 Accelerator Position Circuit - Low Input
P2123 Accelerator Position Circuit - High Input
P2125 Accelerator Position Circuit - Malfunction
P2127 Accelerator Position Circuit - Low Input
P2128 Accelerator Position Circuit - High Input
P2187 Fuel System Too Lean At Idle
P2188 Fuel Sys Too Rich At Idle
P2191 Fuel Sys Too Lean At P-load
P2192 Fuel Sys Too Rich At P-load
P2195 L.O2s Signal Stuck - Lean (B1/S1)
P2196 L.O2s Signal Stuck - Rich (B1/S1)
P2231 O2s Signal & Heater - Short (B1/S1)
P2237 L.O2s Pump. Circuit - Open (B1/S1)
P2238 L.O2s Pump. Circuit - Low (B1/S1)
P2239 L.O2s Pump. Circuit - High (B1/S1)
P2243 L.O2s Reference Circuit (+) Open - (B1/S1)
P2251 L.O2s Reference Circuit (-) Open - (B1/S1)
P2297 L.O2s Out Of Range (B1/S1)
P2414 L.O2s Exhaust Sample (B1/S1)
P2626 L.O2s Pump Trim - Open (B1/S1)
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