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P1300 - P1399 Numbered Code Identification Chart
 P1300 Random Misfire (Acura)
 P1300 Igniter Circuit Malfunction No. 1 (Toyota)
 P1305 Igniter Circuit Malfunction No. 2 (Toyota)
 P1309 Misfire Monitor Disabled (Ford)
 P1310 Igniter Circuit Malfunction No. 3 (Toyota)
 P1315 Igniter Circuit Malfunction No. 4 (Toyota)
 P1320 Ignition Control (IC) Module 4x Reference Circuit Intermittent No Pulses
 P1323 Ignition Control (IC) Module 24x Reference Circuit low frequency
 P1336 Crankshaft Position System Variation Not Learned (GM)
 P1336 Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation Sensor Intermittant Interruption (Acura)
 P1337 Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation Sensor No Signal (Acura)
 P1350 Ignition Control System
 P1351 Ignition Coil Control Circuit High Voltage (GM)
 P1352 Ignition Bypass Circuit High Voltage (GM)
 P1359 Crankshaft Position/TDC/Cylinder Position Sensor Connector Disconnection (Acura)
 P1361 Intermittent Interruption In TDC1 Sensor Circuit (Acura)
 P1361 Ignition Control (IC) Circuit Low Voltage (GM)
 P1362 No Signal In TDC1 Sensor Circuit (Acura)
 P1362 Ignition Bypass Circuit Low Voltage (GM)
 P1366 Intermittent Interruption In TDC2 Sensor Circuit (Acura)
 P1367 No Signal In TDC2 Sensor Circuit (Acura)
 P1370 Ignition Control (IC) Module 4x Reference too many pulses
 P1371 Ignition Control (IC) Module 4x Reference too few pulses
 P1374 CKP High to Low Resolution Frequency Correlation (GM)
 P1375 Ignition Control (IC) Module 24x Reference High Voltage
 P1376 Ignition Ground Circuit
 P1377 Ignition Control (IC) Module Cam Pulse to 4x Reference Pulse Comparison
 P1380 EBTCM DTC Detected-Rough Data Unusable
 P1380 Variable Cam Timing Solenoid A Circuit Malfunction (Ford)
 P1381 Misfire Detected-No EBTCM/PCM Serial Data
 P1381 Cylinder Position Sensor Intermittant Inturruption (Acura)
 P1381 Variable Cam Timing Over-advanced (Bank 1) (Ford)
 P1382 Cylinder Position Sensor No Signal (Acura)
 P1383 Variable Cam Timing Over-retarded (Bank 1) (Ford)
 P1388 Auto Shutdown Relay Circuit (Chrysler)
 P1389 No ASD Relay Output Voltage At PCM (Chrysler)
 P1390 Timing Belt Skipped One Tooth or More (Chrysler)
 P1390 Octane Adjust Out Of Range (Mazda)
 P1391 Intermittent Loss of CMP or CKP (Chrysler)
 P1398 Mis-Fire Adapter Numerator at Limit (Chrysler)
 P1399 Wait To Start Lamp Circuit (Chrysler)
P1300 - P1399 OBD II Diagnostic Codes