Trouble Codes › P1600-P1699
P1600 - P1699 Numbered Code Identification Chart
 P1602 Loss of EBTCM Serial Data
 P1603 Loss of SDM Serial Data
 P1604 Loss of IPC Serial Data
 P1605 Loss of HVACC Serial Data
 P1605 Keep Alive Memory Failure (Ford)
 P1605 Powertrain Control Module (Mazda)
 P1607 Malfunction In PCM Internal Circuit (Acura)
 P1610 Loss of PZM Serial Data
 P1611 Loss of CVRTD Serial Data
 P1617 Engine Oil Level Switch Circuit
 P1621 PCM Memory Performance
 P1626 Theft Deterrent System - Fuel Enable Circuit
 P1630 Theft Deterrent - PCM in Learn Mode
 P1631 Theft Deterrent - Password Incorrect
 P1632 Theft Deterrent - Fuel Disabled
 P1633 Ignition Supplement Power Circuit Low Voltage
 P1633 Keep Alive Power Voltage Too Low (Ford)
 P1634 Ignition 1 Power Circuit Low Voltage
 P1635 5 Volt Reference Circuit (GM)
 P1635 Tire/Axle Out Of Acceptable Range (Ford)
 P1639 5 Volt Reference 2 Circuit (GM)
 P1639 Vehicle ID Block Not Programmed Or Corrupt (Ford)
 P1640 DTC's Available In Another Module (Ford)
 P1640 Driver 1 - Input High Voltage
 P1641 Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Control Circuit
 P1642 Vehicle Speed Output Circuit
 P1644 Delivered Torque Output Circuit
 P1645 EVAP Solenoid Output Circuit
 P1646 EVAP Vent Valve Output Circuit
 P1650 Driver 2 - Input High Voltage
 P1650 Power Steering Pressure Switch Malfunction (Ford)
 P1650 Power Steering Pressure Switch Out Of Range (Mazda)
 P1651 Power Steering Pressure Switch Input Malfunction (Mazda)
 P1651 Power Steering Pressure Switch Signal Malfunction (Ford)
 P1652 Lift/Dive Circuit
 P1654 Cruise Disable Output Circuit
 P1656 Automatic Transaxle (Acura)
 P1660 Cooling Fan Control Circuits
 P1660 A/T FI Data Line Failure (Acura)
 P1676 FPTDR Signal Failure (Acura)
 P1678 FPTDR Signal Line Failure (Acura)
 P1680 Clutch Released Switch Circuit (CHRYSLER)
 P1681 No I/P Cluster CCD/J1850 Messages Received (CHRYSLER)
 P1681 A/T FI Signal A Low Input (Acura)
 P1682 A/T FI Signal A High Input (Acura)
 P1682 Charging System Voltage Too Low (CHRYSLER)
 P1683 Speed Control Power Relay or S/C 12V Driver Circuit (CHRYSLER)
 P1685 Skim Invalid Key(CHRYSLER)
 P1686 No SKIM Bus Message Received (CHRYSLER)
 P1686 A/T FI Signal B Low Input (Acura)
 P1687 A/T FI Signal B High Input (Acura)
 P1687 No Cluster Bus Message (CHRYSLER)
 P1689 Traction Control Delivered Torque Output Circuit (GM)
 P1693 DTC Detected In Companion Mode (CHRYSLER)
 P1694 Fault In Companion Mode (CHRYSLER)
 P1695 No CCD/J185O Message From BCM (CHRYSLER)
 P1696 PCM Failure EEPROM Write Denied (CHRYSLER)
 P1697 PCM Failure SRI Mile Not Stored (CHRYSLER)
 P1698 No Bus Message From TCM (CHRYSLER)


P1600 - P1699 OBD II Diagnostic Codes