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If you are a do it yourself 'er then you have found the online auto repair source that can help you achieve your goal. Doing Auto Repair Yourself can give you a sense of accomplishment as well as save you money and time. There are many resources available here that can be useful to you no matter if it is your check engine light being on all the time or you just need to change a flat tire. All the information is here and is constantly being updated and added to. Many diagrams and illustrations to help instuctuctions make understanding each repair easy.
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Get Free Auto Repair Advice. Need Auto information or Check Engine Light on??? Professional Mechanics Online will answer questions.If you don't find what you need just contact us and we will get the information to you ASAP. Free Automotive Repair Advice Online Mechanics answer questions FREE.

Useful Mechanic's Guides:
  1. Used Car Buying Guide
  2. Blown Head Gasket Symptoms
  3. Electrical Wiring problems 
  4. Engine Over Heating Diagnostics
  5. Mechanic's Lien Information and Forms
Top 5 Automotive Related Myths:
  1. Vegetable Oil vs. Diesel Fuel
  2. High Octane Fuel Is Better
  3. Tire Pressure Affects Your Fuel Mileage
  4. Arrow Dynamics
  5. Hybrid - Cost Effective
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Top 10 Most Important Things to do to Keep Your Car in Top Running Condition :
  1. Battery - fully charged and no corrosion
  2. Fluid Levels - oil, coolant, brake, power steering, washer fluid
  3. Tires - Tread depth, wear pattern, inflation
  4. Brakes - pad life, rotors, noise
  5. Fuel - filters, injectors, proper octane
  6. Belts and Hoses - soft, worn, cracked, rotten
  7. Spark Plugs - engine tune up, how often
  8. Alternator Repair - checking and testing
  9. Lubrication - Grease fitting, wheel bearings, ball joints
  10. Maintenance - intervals and schedules
Top Auto Repair Diagnostic Charts and Testing :

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