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As a resident of Vermont you are very lucky. The fact that you live on the East Coast but are not actually bordering the ocean means that you will be able to get even better rates on your auto insurance. What most people don’t realize is that when a state borders the ocean they are almost required to have flood insurance on the policy.

When it comes to getting affordable auto insurance in Vermont the best part is that you have a lot of different options. The first thing I would do is get at least 5 different insurance quotes from local auto insurance offices and then use them against each other to get a better rate. The way you do this is by taking the lowest insurance price and asking the second lowest insurance company to beat it. If they do then you just keep that trend going. The goal here is to get a few of the insurance companies to beat the other insurance company so that you pay less and less every time. Trust me, this method works almost every time.

Another way to get affordable auto insurance in Vermont is to pay for the entire years premium upfront. The reason this works is because you will usually save around 25% off the entire premium and you will sometimes get an even bigger discount for doing it again the following year. The reason I say this is a great way to save money on insurance in Vermont is because studies show that most people in the state have an emergency fund built up that they can pull from. In my eyes and that of many professionals, paying for insurance is not an emergency but it should be classified as one since you are paying in advance for an emergency later on.

One other thing I would do to get a better price on my auto insurance is to simply ask for a discount. So many people forget this step and it really works. Sometimes you will be able to get a discount and the insurance agent will just forget to tell you about it. Do yourself a favor and remind them that you would like a discount. Sometimes this works and other times it doesn’t but why not try. Think about it, you are going through all the trouble to get insurance and save money in the first place and asking for a discount will only take a few seconds. I know you might feel weird asking but once you have done it you will feel 100 times better.


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