For Vehicle Specific Car Brake Auto Repair Manuals, Troubleshooting charts and Technical Service Bulletins. You can gain full on-line access to the same software that the dealers use for just $19.95 that cover repair of your entire vehicle. You can see step by step procedures on replacing brakes, bleeding procedures and more. Check it out. In this section you will find complete step by step instructions for properly replacing the vacuum booster. The photographical examples are actual photos taken during a Brake Vacuum Booster Replacement.

Brake pedal feel is firm, but brakes lack sufficient stopping power or fade

  1. Check the operation of the vacuum brake booster and vacuum brake booster check valve. Replace worn or failed parts.
  2. Check brake linings and brake surface areas for glazing and replace worn or damaged parts.
  3. Check for seized hydraulic parts and linkages, and clean or replace as needed.

Remove the brake lines from the side of the master cylinder assembly.

master cylinder

Remove the two nuts and bracket from the 2 master cylinder mounting studs.
Remove the vacuum hose from the vacuum hose port.
Remove brake master cylinder.
Disconnect brake pedal linkage inside cab and mounting bolts.
Remove vacuum brake booster.

Vacuum Brake Booster

Re-assemble in reverse order. Bleed the lines at the master cylinder. Test operation.

To test a vacuum brake booster, pump the brake pedal several times with the vehicle's engine off. Apply pressure to the brake pedal and then start the engine. The brake pedal should move downward about one inch (25mm).

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