Front Strut Removal and Installation

In this section you will find complete step by step instructions for proper front strut replacement and strut installation. If you follow these steps you are assured to make the front shock/strut removal and replacement as easy as possible.
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  Step 1. You will need to jack up the car and remove the front wheels to gain access to the front strut assembly. If you are using a Quick Strut, you can skip the spring removal and installation steps. Click on any image for a close up look.
Strut Removal
Step 2. Remove the Upper Sway Bar link, the Brake line mount and the two Lower Strut Mount Bolts.
Upper Strut Mount
Step 3. Remove the three upper strut mount bolts.
Remove Old Strut
Step 4. Remove the Old Front Strut.
Strut Spring Compressor Tool
Step 5. The use of a Strut Spring Compressor is needed for the next step. You can use an Inexpensive Strut Spring Compressor or a more expensive Shop Style Strut Spring Compressor as shown here.
Strut Spring Removal
Step 6. Securely mount the strut and compress the spring. Then remove the center Strut Nut and remove the old strut, leaving the spring compressed.
Strut Dust Cover
Step 7. Remove rubber snubber, spring gasket and dust shield from old strut and install on new strut before installing the old spring.
Strut Spring Alignment
Strut Spring Alignment Step 8. Insert New Strut into old compressed strut spring making sure the spring and spring plate are aligned. Now install the center nut and un compress the spring.
Completed Strut
Step 9. You now have a complete Strut Assembly that is ready for installation. Install in reverse order of removal.
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